Cursed and Crazy

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Cursed MacKinnon’s Series, Book 6.

Crazy Maisie MacDougall has a ghost for a best friend and a statue to protect, until she speaks an ancient verse releasing a kilted hunk.

Aiden MacKinnon wakes to a new world and a woman, who claims he’s been cursed for over two hundred years. At first he uses sex to loosen her tongue and force the truth from her, but the tactic fails. She stands firm on her claims. She isn’t a witch or his enemy. He was cursed.

With an adversary hot on their trail, they backpack across Scotland, headed for the Highlands and hope to find Castle MacKinnon and any distant member of his clan. A deep friendship and attraction grows into a passionate sexual relationship. Their journey is threatened by a misguided treasurer hunter with a mission, find what Maisie protected and take it.

Aiden and Maisie learn that a little bit of crazy mixed with a whole lotta love can beat the curse.

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