Cursed Laird (Cursed MacKinnons book 3)

Book Three in the Cursed MacKinnon Series

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Diving for treasure, Caledonia finds the statue of a hot Scottish Laird. When a lovelorn ghost delivers a sad tale and an anti-curse, Caledonia’s life takes a spin toward the implausible. Especially when nightfall comes and a gorgeous hunk emerges right before her eyes. Her need to help turns into pure uncontrollable lust that a one-time, up-against-the-wall, sexual adventure in his arms cannot sate.

Struan MacKinnon wakes to learn over two hundred years has passed. He lands in the arms of a lass with a sexual drive that matches, if not surpasses his own. The little wild cat ignites his lust and warms his heart in a way he has never experienced.

Stolen in statue form, Struan is sold to the highest bidder on the black market. Imagine their surprise at dusk when Struan wakes.

Cursed. Man by night. Stone by day. Caledonia rescues Struan in more ways than one. She must win his heart in order to save his soul. Love sets the soul free and breaks the curse, without it the heart remains imprisoned forever.

Nocturne Romance Reads 3.5 Hoots Review!

Cursed Laird is a wonderfully quick read with steamy moments and great characters!

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