Double Dilemma

Double Dilemma

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Like a hot, sensual Ménage?

Try Tara Nina’s first venture into the erotic venue of multiple love with a heroine who’s torn between two lovers.

Emma Jean Dupree is a woman on the verge of turning forty. Repeated dreams of having sex with two men keep waking her at night. She takes it as a sexual sign and decides to pursue the two gorgeous men in her life.

David Delaney’s a police detective with boyish All-American charm and good looks. But he has a straitlaced sexual nature that needs her experienced hand to undo. Earl Lightfoot is every woman’s Native American Indian dreamboat of a hunk. He has a secret that Emma Jean uncovers with an innocent slap. Earl likes it rough and to be dominated.

Separately, she samples their sexual attributes only to discover she wants them both. Will they comply and fulfill her fantasy? It takes a strong-willed woman to convince two men to love her as much as she loves them.

Two men, two cocks, oh my.

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4 Stars – Night Owl Romance

Emma Jean is very confident about her sex life, even though she has not really had one for about three years. She knows what she wants though and is willing to go after it. The two men that she wants have no idea what is coming but once she starts they seem to enjoy every aspect of it. Earl is trying to cope with how much he wants Emma Jean but his past won’t allow him to give in to her or to enjoy himself without guilt. That is until his past starts interfering with Emma Jean when David is around. David was a bit intimidated by Emma Jean at first but has wanted her since he first saw her. He wants to find out about the phone calls and Earl because he cares for her. When he goes to talk to Earl and Emma Jean Earl is already in trouble. They are able to quickly locate him and help him though.

The characters are very real though I don’t know anybody like them. The story is very believable and enjoyable.

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