Silken Seduction

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Selling her jewelry designs is on the top of Temair O’Hara’s agenda. That is, until sexy Brit Evan Lyndsay stops by her booth at the trade show and sets off a series of fantasies that leave Temair breathless. Sure, she wants him to recognize her talent as an artist. A contract with his company would make all her professional dreams come true. But after a few heated exchanges, she begins to realize he may have designs on her for reasons other than her talent. And that would be just fine with her. If he weren’t so much younger.

Evan has a thing for sexy feet and legs. A big thing. And one woman in particular has a set that sends his libido into overdrive. But she seems reluctant to see in herself all that he does. Perhaps some special attention to the area he loves will loosen her up and make her open to all he has to offer. Because now that he’s had her in his bed, he has no plans to let her go.

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